plastic waste to fuel,composter in pune

Agro Waste Or RDF Gasification Plant

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plastic waste to fuel,composter in pune
plastic waste to fuel

Gasification is a unique process that transforms any carbon-based material, such as Agro Waste, into energy without burning it Instead, gasification converts the materials into a gas by creating a chemical reaction.

This reaction combines those carbon-based materials (known as feedstock) with small amounts of air or oxygen, breaking them down into simple molecules, primarily a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, and removing pollutants and impurities. What’s left is a clean “synthesis gas” (syngas) that can be converted into electricity and valuable products.

With gasification, Agro Waste and other types of wastes are no longer useless, but feed stocks for a gasifier. Instead of paying to dispose of and manage the waste for years in a landfill, using it as a feedstock for gasification reduces disposal costs and landfill space, and converts those wastes to electricity and fuels


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