plastic waste to fuel, composter in pune

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plastic waste to fuel, composter in pune

Major distilleries in India use molasses as the raw material to produce Alcohol by Fermentation. Molasses contains fermentable sugar, which is utilized for conversion in to alcohol during fermentation. The balance organic and inorganic chemicals constituents of the effluent ,which is usually known as Spent Wash comes from Analyser Column of Distillery. This spent wash is highly pollutant in nature and contains BOD and COD in the range of 50,000 60,000 mg/l and 100,000 150,000 mg/l respectively. The spent wash is characterized by its color, high temperature, low PH, high ash content and high dissolved organic and inorganic chemicals.

It needs treatment by adopting Bio-Methanation process to reduce the pollutants which is mandatory as per pollution control norms and simultaneously generate high valued Bio-Gas. Our in house technology can design and supply the digestion plant which will reduce the BOD and COD load to around 90 and 65 percentage respectively and methane in biogas to a tune of 65 percentage.

Bio-Gas having a high calorific value may be utilized as a fuel in Boiler and can save the energy bill to a considerable amount. The payback period on the investment,may be considered to be around 3 years


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